Weitz Group @ Georgia Tech Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

David Demory

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Weitz lab at Georgia Tech. I am an ecologist and oceanographer interested in the dynamics of microbial communities in aquatic and artificial systems. I used experimental and physiological oceanography approaches coupling to modelling and data analysis. At Georgia Tech, I do nonlinear dynamics models of infections to better understand the effect of diel-driven mechanisms on the dynamics of microbial hosts and their viruses. Outside of science, I am a climber, sailor and nature addict, guitarist and music lover.

School of Biological Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD in ecology and Oceanogaphy // UPMC - Laboratoire d’océanographie de Villefranche - Station Biologique de Roscoff - INRIA team BIOCORE.
MRes Oceanography, modelling and data analysis // ISMER Rimouski - UPMC Laboratoire d’océanographie de Villefranche.
BSc Marine & Environment Sciences, Mathematics and Ecology // University Aix Marseille II - Mediterranean Institut of Oceanography.
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