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Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

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Apr-19-2010 Models and data on N:P stoichiometry in the surface oceans (new paper in L&O)
Feb-12-2010 Andrey Kislyuk wins $2,000 travel award at GTRIC 2010
Jan-28-2010 Automated phenotyping analysis of rice root system architecture (in Plant Physiology)
Jan-22-2010 Predicting the variability among parallel evolutionary trajectories (a new paper in TPB)
Nov-11-2009 Dr. Weitz co-organizing workshop on "Microbes to Metazoans: Regulation, Dynamics and Evolution of Social Behavior"
Oct-07-2009 Metagenomic binning article published in BMC Bioinformatics
Sep-05-2009 Dr. Bart Haegeman arrives from INRIA, France for 2 month visit
Jul-31-2009 July and August trips to conferences
Jun-03-2009 New website released
Jun-01-2009 Stoichiometric model of decomposition facilitation by grazers now online at FEMS Microbiology Ecology
May-29-2009 Statistical comparison of scaling models of plant form published in Ecology Letters
Mar-16-2009 Two papers now in press
Mar-13-2009 Sophia Fisher receives William-Walls award
Mar-06-2009 Quantitative Biology Postdoc @ Georgia Tech
Jan-05-2009 Dr. Olga Symonova joins the group
Oct-22-2008 New paper in PNAS: Small-scale copy number variation can lead to large-scale changes in gene expression
Aug-15-2008 Loukia Lili joins group
Aug-15-2008 Bacteria-infecting viruses make collective decisions about whether to kill host cell
Aug-04-2008 Research Award from James S. Mcdonnell Foundation
Jul-10-2008 AJ Friend named as the 2007 Math junior of the year