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Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

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Feb-13-2012 Congratulations to Kristen Knipe, former MS Binf student, now Bioinformatician at the CDC
Jan-30-2012 Researchers show how new viruses evolve key innovations (Science, 2012)
Jan-12-2012 New paper on scaling and structure of plant leaf networks (Ecology Letters, 2012)
Dec-12-2011 Andrey Kislyuk wins SAIC-Georgia Tech student paper award
Aug-22-2011 Meta-analysis reveals hidden nested pattern in host-phage interactions (Flores et al., PNAS 2011)
Jun-11-2011 Dynamics of nutrient uptake strategies: publication in a special issue honoring Simon Levin's 70th birthday (Menge et al, Theor Ecol, 2011)
Jun-01-2011 Dr. Alexander Bucksch joins the group to work on the structure of plant networks
May-01-2011 Richard Joh receives PhD in Physics - begins postdoc at MIT in the Maheshri Group
Mar-30-2011 When one plus one does not equal two: bacterial fate determination in hosts infected by multiple viruses (Joh and Weitz, PLoS Comp Biol 2011)
Feb-16-2011 Dr. Bart Haegeman visits the group
Feb-08-2011 Open access software for calculating genomic fluidity
Jan-29-2011 Genomic fluidity: a robust method to estimate gene diversity within genomes of a microbial species (Kislyuk et al, BMC Genomics 2011)
Jan-13-2011 New Software Tool Quantifies the Complex Structure of Leaf Venation Networks, Enabling Advances in Plant Biology
Nov-05-2010 Charles Price and Joshua Weitz publish article on the allometry of specific leaf area, a key plant functional trait.
Oct-25-2010 Dr. Michael Cortez and Dr. Tae Lee join the group
Oct-04-2010 Joshua Weitz interviewed on BBC about collaborative research on lytic enzymes
Oct-04-2010 Collaboration yields novel assay to quantify how a new class of enzybiotics can explode bacterial pathogens
Sep-26-2010 Postdoctoral position in biological image analysis (review of applications begins 10/11/10)
Sep-17-2010 Members of Weitz group author Tansley Review on Metabolic Theory
Sep-01-2010 Dr. Lauren Childs joins the group from Cornell University