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Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

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Jan-30-2014 Modeling the genealogical dynamics of Jewish identities since 1492
Jul-22-2013 Gabriel Mitchell defends his PhD on enzymatic lysis
Feb-27-2013 New paper on robust estimation of microbial diversity in the Top Ten at ISME J's most downloaded
Feb-05-2013 Multiple new papers in late 2012/early 2013 from the Weitz group: ISME J, Trends in Microbiol, PNAS, J. Roy Soc Inter, Am Nat & more
Jan-28-2013 Announcing summer workshop in 2013: "Quantitative Laws of Genome Evolution"
Oct-08-2012 Weitz co-authors F1000 Biology Report on Ocean Viruses
Oct-08-2012 Georgia Tech joins NSF Physics of Living Systems Student Research Network
Oct-08-2012 NSF award to study host-viral interactions
Sep-25-2012 Functional biogeography of ocean microbes (collaborative paper in PLoS One)
Aug-28-2012 Cesar Flores awarded 2012 PhD Fellowship from CONACyT
Jun-07-2012 Extending the classic Horton-Strahler ordering of hierarchical networks to the ordering of loopy networks, in PLoS One
May-21-2012 Weitz group proposes a neutral theory of genome evolution (BMC Genomics, 2012, 13:196)
Apr-10-2012 Michael Cortez receives NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship!
Mar-06-2012 Congratulations to Luis Jover and Bradford Taylor for passing their physics quals, now ABD
Feb-13-2012 Slicing through "Big Data'': dimension reduction methods applied to metagenomic data (J. Math. Biol, 2012)
Feb-13-2012 Congratulations to Kristen Knipe, former MS Binf student, now Bioinformatician at the CDC
Jan-30-2012 Researchers show how new viruses evolve key innovations (Science, 2012)
Jan-12-2012 New paper on scaling and structure of plant leaf networks (Ecology Letters, 2012)
Dec-12-2011 Andrey Kislyuk wins SAIC-Georgia Tech student paper award
Aug-22-2011 Meta-analysis reveals hidden nested pattern in host-phage interactions (Flores et al., PNAS 2011)