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Two papers now in press

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Dangerous nutrients: Evolution of phytoplankton resource uptake subject to virus attack which was published in the J. Theor. Biol. suggests that phytoplankton should evolve towards co-limiation of resources as a winning evolutionary strategy even when such evolution exposes them to greater susceptibility to attack by phages. This result adds to the growing body of literature suggesting that co-limitation at equilibrium is a winning strategy.

Dynamics of Indirectly Transmitted Infectious Diseases with Immunological Threshold which will appear in the Bull. Math. Biol. presents and analyzes a novel family of models that incorporate immunological thresholds and explicit reservoir dynamics to describe the spread of diseases which have a strong indirect mode to transmission. We find that the spread of a disease depends on the global destabilization of an otherwise disease-free state, suggesting that it is not only the transmission dynamics that determines disease outcomes, but the magnitude of perturbations in pathogen density.