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Richard Joh receives PhD in Physics - begins postdoc at MIT in the Maheshri Group

Posted by jsweitz
Richard (left) and Joshua (right) on Richard's last day at Tech

Richard Joh received his PhD in Physics for his thesis "Quantitative analyses of biological decision switches". His papers include contributions to quantifying the mechanisms by which multiple phage genomes interact to determine the fate of E. coli cells. He worked on both deterministic and stochastic models which have helped to explain and spur new experimental analyses of the lysis vs. lysogeny switch in phage lambda. In addition, he helped analyzed copy number variation and its link to gene expression, as well as led an epidemiological study of indirectly mediated infectious diseases.

Richard was the first PhD student to join the Weitz lab and he will be missed. Good luck Richard on your exciting work ahead as part of the Maheshri group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT.