Weitz Group @ Georgia Tech

Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

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Jan-29-2019 Weitz group initiates two new NSF projects on virus-mcirobe interactions and dynamics
Jan-29-2019 Weitz is elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology
Jan-29-2019 Shengyun Peng graduates with a PhD in Bioinformatics
Jun-04-2018 Keith Paarporn completes his PhD on Information and Decision-making in Socio-biological Systems
Sep-23-2017 This Week in Microbiology podcast features "immunophage synergy"
Sep-14-2017 Dr. Chad Wigington defends his thesis on scaling relationships of marine virus-microbe abundances
Sep-14-2017 Multiple new papers on synergistic elimination of bacterial pathogens by phage and the innate immune system
Nov-28-2016 New PNAS article on an "Oscillatory Tragedy of the Commons"
Nov-03-2016 New paper released at Royal Society Open Science - inferring infection networks from time series data
Oct-14-2016 Weitz's book on Quantitative Viral Ecology awarded the 2016 Royal Society of Biology Postgraduate Textbook Prize
Sep-28-2016 New paper out in Proceedings Royal Society B on virus-induced dormancy
Sep-16-2016 Joshua Weitz presents at upcoming Atlanta Science Tavern on the Viral Ecology of Earth
Sep-16-2016 Quantitative Viral Ecology - new monograph by Prof. Weitz - shortlisted for 2016 Royal Biology Society book awards
Sep-16-2016 Catching up on old news... transitions, including faculty appointments and PhDs
Jul-27-2015 Alexander Bucksch leads Atlanta Science tavern evening on roots and supercomputers
Feb-05-2015 Public release of Ebola Modeling Workshop @ Georgia Tech report as a "Workshop in Brief"
Dec-31-2014 Announcing a rapid response workshop: "Modeling the Spread and Control of Ebola in W. Africa" Jan 22-23, 2015
Jul-29-2014 Cesar Flores defends his PhD thesis on phage-bacteria infection networks
May-06-2014 Coevolution can reverse predator-prey cycles (new paper in PNAS)
Apr-22-2014 Michael Cortez to start as Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State in Fall 2014