Weitz Group @ Georgia Tech

Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology

Weitz group activities
Professor Joshua Weitz
Theoretical Ecology and Quantitative Biology
School of Biology, Georgia Tech

The Weitz group is interested in the structure and dynamics of complex biological systems. The research group includes ecologists, mathematicians, physicists and bioinformaticians working on three major research themes: (i) viral dynamics at the molecular, population and evolutionary scales; (ii) systems biology and bioinformatics; (iii) theoretical ecology and epidemiology; (iv) the structure and function of vascular networks. The work in the Weitz group is primarily theoretical in nature, and utilizes the tools of nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes, and large-scale data analysis to interact with experimentalists.

Examples of recent and ongoing projects include studies of collective decision making in bacterial viruses, robustness and fragility of gene regulatory networks to copy number variation, quantifying enzymatic lysis, network phenotyping and classification of root system architecture, and a Hierarchical Bayesian analysis of allometric scaling models in biology.

News: Recent paper on growth and interaction of rice roots is featured in PNAS First Look.